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Dinara&Co. unites media professionals, publishers, digital media experts, creative talents and founders of publishing and media companies, media communication agencies, involved in global activities. One of the outcomes of our cooperative work is such a wonderful product as luxury book "10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan".

Our mission is innovations and exclusive projects to showcase the significance and contribution of our clients, country branding and promotion.

The company has partners in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, UAE, China and other countries, who supports and advise its international projects.

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30+ Clients

90+ Projects

20+ Partners

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Surprise your imagination

Book printing

High quality coffee table books. Gift books. International printing.

Digital printing

E-books, learning Apps, special projects for App Store, Play Market, Amazon and others.

Visit our website of luxury book "10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan".

Media Planning

Such a powerful tool in your hands

Media Placement

Global media landscape analysis. Advertising, promotion articles, advertorials in international media. International TV and online media relations.

Media Events

Presentations, press-conferences, briefings, press-lunches, conferences and forums.

Reputation Management

Consulting and crisis management, preventing and eliminating negative and expanding positive media releases.

Digital Markenting

Modern technologies for your business

Investors Focused Web Presence

Landing pages, web-platforms and its promotion, specially designed for investors or other needs. Social Media Marketing. Digital promotion.

Search Engine Promotion

Top placement of the company, product and personality profiles in Google, Yandex and other search engines.

Mobile Apps

Applications, virtual markets, virtual show-rooms, presentation, learning or game apps, promotion and selling products for mobile devices.

Virtual Reality

Create your own world

Publishing in Virtual Reality

Panoramic 360º Photos. VR projects, advertisement, promo products, learning and fiction materials.

Mobile Apps with Extended Reality

Mobile applications for companies, products and personalities. Extended Reality.

Country branding

Commitment which empowers

Publishing books, creating online resources, mobile applications, virtual reality and digital projects to strengthen the brand of Uzbekistan as a tourism destination, a country of talents and innovations.


People trust us


Bill Gates

Creativity and high standards makes it pleasant to work with Dinara & Co.

Murad Buildings

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Dinara&Co. are close friends of us!

JSC «Almalyk MMC»

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Professionals of their business, really.

Gissar Energy Consulting, UAE

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Well done, Dinara&Co. The best!


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We are always glad to work with Dinara&Co.&Co.!

Osiyo Ramzi

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The team of Dinara&Co. is efficient and result oriented. We appreciate it.


Friends of us

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Studio Lovecchio, Czech Republic - Italy
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Zephyr VR
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Mega Basim, Turkey
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UNO media, UAE
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Dre Tailor Research, USA
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